Monday, December 1, 2008

Seeing Spots

Today I took Isaac to the doctor's office to confirm what I already knew. He has chicken pox. He undoubtedly got them from me when I had the shingles (which are still painful, by the way).

To quote my earlier post on having shingles: CRAP.

Let's see...
7 days of pox appearing PLUS
7 days of pox scabbing over PLUS
7 days of healing TIMES
3 boys (who, I'm sure, will get this consecutively rather than collectively) EQUALS
63 days of chicken pox.

63 DAYS! May I repeat, "CRAP!"

I'm tempted to just rub Isaac all over his brothers so we can get this over with, but we can only hold so many fussy babies at one time. So far his case is mild, and he hasn't even had a fever, so keep your fingers crossed that we have mild cases all around.

Fortunately we already had our Christmas pictures taken. Though we should have some great shots of our own of the polka dot boys come Christmas day.

Despite the potential threat of two months of chicken pox, something happened today that will make me laugh for a long time. It was cosmic justice, karma at its finest, and little chuckle from God. And it deserves a post all its own, so stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

We'll keep praying and praying and praying!!!!

Teresa and Dennis

Sheryl & Dave said...

When it rains, it pours!!! Your patience is definitely being tried, but---this too shall pass!!
Hang in there!

Karen said...


Unfortunately, rubbing him on his brothers won't help - varicella is a respiratory virus, so it's airborne, not a skin-contact contagion. :(

I hope this passes quickly. You're in my prayers.

Daddy Scotty said...

Oh my. I will pray for quick healing for you and your children.

Scott Huffman
INDY_MOMs group

Pam said...
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Pam said...

Oh no! I hope it stays mild and that the recovery is quick. You will all be in my prayers.

(Sorry about the last post, I guess my brain hasn't started functioning yet today.)

Christy said...

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. I just keep reminding myself that we could have babies in NICU dealing with much worse things than the chicken pox!

Anonymous said...

Oh Christy, I just can't imagine...all those babies, a beautiful toddler, and chicken pox. You must be on the "headed for sainthood" list!

My prayers are with you.


Donna said...

Hang tough you two! I am sure many are laughing with you and definitely not at you! Good luck and prayers for mild cases!! Aveeno here you come:)

::::wifemothermaniac:::: said...

My 2yr old and my 5 month old both have it. Was looking for blogs with other pox'ers, glad I found yours :)