Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a great birthday, (well, except for the trip to the dentist) with four beautiful little "presents" in the house. Amelia sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Well, technically she sang, "Happy birthday to us," but close enough.

On Monday, Jeff took me out to dinner thanks to Sarah and Jamie who came and watched the kids for the evening. The restaurant was packed! I had no idea it would be so crazy on a Monday, especially as today is New Year's Eve. The meal was disappointing, but as I said to Jeff, it was really about being out of the house and enjoying each other's company. I told the waiter the meal wasn't very good when he came to ask if we were done and when the bill came he had comped half of it. That was a nice surprise.

The boys are 12 weeks old today, and having been working on a birthday present of their own for Mommy -- sleeping through the night! We aren't quite there, but getting closer. They have been pushing their 1:30 feeding to 3:30 or even 4:30 a.m. since the day after Christmas.

Today's weigh-in showed the boys at:

Samuel - 11 lbs. 1 oz.
Isaac - 9 lb. 13 oz.
Alex - 11 lb. 11 oz.

Everyone's gaining weight well, though Isaac's still got some catching up to do! They are all smiling and working on rolling over. We're done with the chicken pox, except for the last of the healing for Sam. Thank heavens that's over, and it only took five weeks!

As we close out 2008, I have to say that this has been an amazing year. We certainly had no idea what was in store for us at this time last year. We had an incredibly healthy triplet pregnancy that gave us three big, beautiful boys. And if that weren't enough, their birth has brought so many new and wonderful people into our lives, and strengthened our bond with many of the people we already knew. The year has definitely brought us multiple blessings, and each and every one of you can count yourselves among those blessings.

May you ALL be blessed with multiple blessings in the New Year.

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