Monday, December 8, 2008

Where Would We Be Without Family?

Aunt Susie left on Sunday, but not before she got "the" picture taken and had a chance to get in some good play time with Amelia.

Aunt Susie holds the boys (L to R: Sam, Isaac and Alex) while Amelia stands by ready to help.

Jeff and Susie with Alex, Sam and Isaac.

Amelia and Aunt Susie had an M&M party in Amelia's room on Saturday evening. I sure hope they got all those M&Ms off the carpet! They certainly had a good time, though Susie could have eaten a little more chocolate just to save us all from Amelia's little sugar buzz.

Amelia and Aunt Susie have an M&M party in Amelia's room.

Amelia came out of her room to report to us that Susie was getting her in trouble. We weren't clear on how Susie was getting her in trouble, but the statement came complete with a guilty look that made us all laugh.

Like all of our visitors, Susie left tired, but completely smitten. I'm sure she'll be back again soon. (I hope!) We've been so lucky to have so many family members willing to come lend a helping hand. All of them would tell you that we don't let them off easy while they are here. But it sure is nice to have company for those middle of the night feedings!

It's good to be an aunt!

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aunt susie said...

I miss those sweet boys and Amelia already!!