Friday, December 5, 2008

Sleep, Interrupted

Last night was going to be a big night for Jeff and me. With his sister Susie here and Amelia's sitter, Sarah, coming for an overnight, we were planning on a full night's sleep. Bliss! Then at 1 a.m. the cry came from Amelia's room, "Daddy!"

Ten minutes later came the horrible sound of a small body ridding itself of supper. Amelia threw up all over herself, her blankie and her daddy. Why did it have to be on a night when she ate a hot dog? On the plus side, as I am in week three of this cold I still have no sense of smell, which was a distinct advantage last night.

At least we weren't trying to deal with a sick child and feed triplets at the same time, thanks to the help we had on hand.

In the end, it was a short-lived virus. She had no breakfast, a very light lunch and a four hour nap today and woke up right as rain.

Maybe we'll get to sleep through the night some other time.

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Grandma D said...

Dear Amelia, Sam, Isaac, and Alex,
I am going to come see you in two weeks. I can hardly wait! I know you have been good, good, good, good so I will be able to get some Christmas presents for you.
I remember when your daddy was little and he would go to his grandma's house. She was so glad to see him! She would have a treat for him in one of the bottom drawers in the kitchen. She called that drawer her 'treat drawer'. Your daddy knew he could find a treat there, so do you know where he would go? Yes! Right to that drawer! His grandpa had a treat drawer, too, but that one was way up high in the kitchen and he could not reach it!
I will see you soon! Love,