Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pox Update

Sam's coming to the end of his bout with chicken pox. He's all scabbed over and healing up. He had a couple pretty tough days Saturday and Sunday, but thankfully Grandma D. arrived Friday night, so there were extra hands to spend a lot of time holding him.

Alex also got the pox. They first showed up last week about Wednesday. I was braced for the worst since the doc said that cases tend to get progressively worse as they run through the family. But, Alex has about 40 chicken pox total -- about the same as Isaac. Poor Sam got enough chicken pox for all three boys.

Sam may still be a spotted pup on Christmas Day, but at least we'll never have to worry about chicken pox with the boys again.


Ruthie said...

My daughter Julie lives in Clayton and wondered if she could come visit with 19 month old Andrew to get him exposed so he doesn't have to get the vaccine. Just kidding actually! I love reading about your family and wonder if you have done any quilting since the triplets birth.

Christy said...


No quilting since they arrived, but I now have my sewing station set up in the basement playroom, so I am planning on getting back to it sometime soon!