Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Tooth!

Alex has joined Isaac in shedding that toothless grin. His first tooth made its appearance by this morning. I worry about my grocery bills when that boy has a mouth full of teeth and a perpetually empty belly!

Alex, sporting his first tooth!


Sue Whipple said...

Hey, I just found your blog through a mutual friend~ Sue Goecker. She is our CASA- we have a foster son now. I'm Sue, by the way, from Dr. Clark's office in Lafayette! I'm retired for now due to our new family situation.
But today I was lunching with Sue G and she mentioned you while we were talking about a family with multiples at our church. When she said your name- I about screamed outloud- saying I know them and love those guys!! I remember many a chat at Doc's office and then you guys moving and having Amelia- who is absolutely adorable by the way. And now you have 3 boys- oh my!! That is marvelous! I'm enjoying your postings and have added you to our favorites. I'll add you to our prayer list too~ what an awesome joy and responsibility! We send our love and congratulations! Please tell Jeff I said hi too! Take care!
Sue (Whipple)-

Amy said...

Andrew is getting his front two teeth right now:).