Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback: Telling the Family

One year ago about this time we were telling family that we were pregnant, and later, after the first trimester was over and the risks of losing one of the babies dropped considerably, that it was triplets.

We were able to tell Jeff's parents in person that we were pregnant again by putting the message on Amelia when we saw them at Easter.

Proud big-sister-to-be.

We decided to share the triplet news by video call so we could see Grandma and Grandpa D.'s faces. So, we sent this ultrasound picture for them to open during the call.

The babies say hello to the family.

Jeff's mom looked at the picture and wanted to know what three parts of the baby she was looking at. Jeff said, "Not three parts, Mom. THREE BABIES." That elicited a round of "WHAT?" from everyone, and a lot of commotion ensued. Mouths were hanging open in disbelief, and Grandma D. kept covering her face with her hands, she was so excited and shocked.

We, of course, had (mostly) adjusted to the news by then, so we really enjoyed seeing everyone else's reactions.

Jeff and I talked to my parents on the phone, but we told most of my family by email. I believe one of my brothers summed up what everyone else was thinking when he sent an email that said "holy smokes!" (Editor's note: I had to clean that up since this is a family blog!)

I waited a couple more weeks before I told my office that I wasn't just pregnant -- I was pregnant with triplets. I worked with mostly women so the news brought lots of squeals and a general "ohmigosh" reaction. The best though, was when a male colleague wandered by just after I made my announcement and wanted to know what all of the hubbub was about. Someone pointed at me and yelled, "Three babies!" He just stood there with his mouth open and finally said, "In there? Really? Where are you hiding them?"

I certainly wasn't able to hide them for long!

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