Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Walk..Make That A RUN In The Park

What a beautiful weekend! We finally got a warm spring day on a Saturday, so we packed a lunch, loaded up the whole crew, and headed for the park.

Now that sounds fairly easy in theory, but it looked like a minor military campaign by the time we got four children, two strollers, a bag of bottles, diapers, wipes and toys for the babies, a blanket, Amelia's ball, and a cooler loaded up.

Once you accept your role as pack mule, it gets easier.

The boys made the day a breeze by taking their bottles and then taking a nap.

Daddy & Alex

Sam & Isaac snooze in the stroller.

While the boys ate and snoozed, Amelia played on the slides and the swings, and chased the ball around while Jeff and I took turns chasing her.

Amelia gets a new 'do from the slide!

Amelia scopes out the playground equipment.

We ran into some friends there, so we had a chance to catch up with Cassidy and Adam while they kept an eye on their little guy, Caleb. It's been a while and we've all had a lot of changes going on, so it was great to chat while we enjoyed the sunshine and the kids got some fresh air.

After a little lunch, we loaded everyone up and headed home for Amelia's nap time and another bottle for the boys. As we were getting the kids in the van, someone saw most of the car seats and asked, "Twins?" Jeff replied, "Only if you don't count the third one." HA!

Almost as funny as his remark that it was a "buy two get one free" special at the hospital when they were born.

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Uncle Jacob said...

That must have been interesting to see. And I was wondering if either of you ever caught Amelia!?