Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wrapup on Grandma Alice's Visit

Grandma Alice has been gone a couple days, so the house is less organized and doesn't smell nearly as yummy as it did when she was here. (Those homemade carmel rolls will be the death of me, I swear. Oh, but what a good way to go!)

I've been lax in posting while I was enjoying time with my mom, but I'm back now. Here are some pics of Grandma Alice's visit for you to look at while I warm up that last carmel roll.

Grandma and Amelia make the dough for homemade carmel rolls. I wish you could taste them. Actually, I don't. That would mean I had to share.

Amelia took over the mixing bowl and made her own "dough." Not quite as yummy as Grandma's.

Grinning for Grandma!

Isaac gets his first taste of ice cream. He loved it. Sam was a little unsure at first because of the cold, and Alex didn't like it at all!

Grandma Alice and Alex.

Grandma Alice and Isaac.

Grandma Alice and Sam.

We're looking forward to a lot more visits from family in the next month or so. Aunt Susie is coming, then Grandma D. and Aunt Allie.

Grandma D. and Susie haven't seen the boys since December, so we predict they'll be shocked at how big the babies are now. They will also be grateful that we're not getting up all hours of the night now. (Can I get an AMEN! to that?) Aunt Allie hasn't seen them since they were just three weeks old, so she'll be even more shocked.

Hope you're ready to do some heavy lifting this time, ladies. These boys are getting big!

And Amelia can't wait to have her M&M party with Susie and her Cheetos party with Allie. Nothing says love quite like junk food.

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I can't wait!!!