Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun with Grandma Alice

Everyone's having fun with Grandma Alice in the house. Yesterday she and Amelia made cookies before Amelia even got out of her jammies.

Grandma Alice and Amelia make chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

I'm pretty sure Amelia was taste-testing the chocolate chips before she even had breakfast. She helped count and measure everything and got to push the cookie dough off the spoon onto the pan. The best part of that job was licking the cookie dough off her fingers between every cookie!

Later that day, Amelia was busily playing stickers while we were tending to Sam and Isaac. Turns out she was playing stickers with Alex.

Or perhaps I should say ON Alex...

Amelia and Alex play stickers.

Let's take a closer look...

I guess the lack of hair makes Alex's head a pretty good palette for stickers. Sorry little buddy!

Everyone's gotten plenty of holding time, but Grandma Alice says the boys are so heavy now that she's not coming back until they can walk. I'm not sure that will be easier!

Isaac hangs out with Grandma Alice during supper.

We are getting awfully close to an announcement about crawling. I'll keep you in suspense on who might be the first to make the big move!

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