Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grandma Alice Returns

Yesterday Grandma Alice came back for a visit. She saw the boys last in January, and they've sure changed a lot since then! Now they are grabbing for their bottles, hollering for food when they are in their highchairs being spoonfed, and getting oh so close to crawling. They had her laughing all day at their antics.

It some ways it's a lot less hectic than when Grandma Alice was last here. In other ways it's more hectic.

The boys eat less often, but consume more. And spoonfeeding three boys at once ... whew! Sometimes I can't shovel fast enough!

Gone are the days of plunking the babies down and finding them in the same spot 10 minutes (or even 10 seconds!) later. They are mobile now, even if they aren't quite crawling. And they do get in each other's faces and take toys from each other already, causing the occasional bout of tears.

The boys go down more easily for naps, but demand a lot more attention and energy when they are awake.

Tomorrow I'll try to post some pictures of Grandma and the gang, but now it's time for me to catch some zzzzs.

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