Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ready for Our Billboard

My brother Dave works at General Mills, and he and his wife sent these onesies for the boys. I think they are ready to be featured on a billboard somewhere, don't you?

Isaac, Alex and Sam: General Mills label babies.

Sam: Cute as a Biscuit

Isaac: Little Sprout

Alex: I love my Cheerios (and all other food, too!)

Brothers: Isaac, Alex, and Sam


Anonymous said...

How precious they are, cute as can be. I can't believe how big they all are getting.

Lani said...

Christy your boys (and girl) are beautiful! Thanks for joining our network:)

Anonymous said...

Holy triple cuteness, Christy. That last picture is just delicious!!


Christy said...

Thanks Cassidy. When are you going to come see us?