Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black and White and Fun All Over!

The other day Jeff and I took Amelia to see "101 Dalmatians: The Musical." We had a great time. The musical is very different than the Disney movie, which we have seen wa-a-ay too many times. For the past two weeks we have been talking about how the show would be different from the movie, which really helped Amelia.

Jeff and I hadn't seen the musical, so we didn't know exactly what to expect. It was quite a bit different, though the story was pretty much the same. Amelia had a little trouble with the concept of people playing dogs, since their costumes were just black and white spotted clothes. She kept asking where Pongo was, and we kept pointing out the same actor over and over. I think she caught on about halfway through.

We all enjoyed the singing and dancing. But the best part was the live dalmatians that were part of the show. Amelia kept asking when the real dogs would be on again. They made about four appearances, and they got lots of cheers every time.

Amelia's favorite part of the show was at the very beginning when the narrator (a dalmatian, of course) was in his dog house and the lights went out. He banged into something and yelled, "Hey, who turned out the lights." That was probably in the first 30 seconds of the show, but that was what she told us she liked best when the show ended.

I don't know where Amelia got the idea that she would be able to meet the actors after the show, but as soon as the show ended she told us she wanted to shake their hands. Unfortunately because there was a second show, the actors didn't come out to the lobby. Amelia was pretty disappointed.

As we left, lots of kids were telling their parents how they would like to get a dog. (Kudos to the show's producers who had a GREAT disclaimer in the program about how much maintenance and obedience training dalmatians require.)

Our daughter, however, left saying she wants to be on stage.

Of course she does!

Maybe someday, Amelia. Maybe someday.

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Anonymous said...

We are taking our little one to his first musical this weekend. I hope he does as well as your daughter did.

Jayme said...

LOL that's so cute that she'd rather be on stage than have a dog! Less mess for you to clean up ;)

Suz said...

Have you been to a play at the Children's Museum? Just wondering if she got the idea after meeting the actors after their plays? Glad you all enjoyed yourselves :)