Monday, March 22, 2010

Did Dr. Suess Know My Boys?

Today was a rainy day. We've quickly gotten used to being able to go outside, so the cold rain and being trapped inside led to a major case of the crabbys for the boys.

So, I babyproofed the kitchen and turned them loose.

After a half hour of grabbing them from the top of the table, pulling them off chairs, stopping the highchair bumper cars and generally racing to keep up with all three of them I decided: Dr. Seuss must have had or known multiples. Thing One and Thing Two have got nothing on my boys!

They finally got intrigued with climbing into the one comfortable chair that's still somewhere near our family room. (All other furniture having been removed to prevent the shenanigans of today from happening on a regular basis.) I stood right there to make sure no one fell--or got pushed. I said "Sit down or get down," approximately 187 times in 10 minutes. 

And then they all sat together. Just for a minute, but it was long enough for me to catch them with my camera.

Alex, Isaac and Sam

Then they took off in three different directions again and shortly thereafter I collapsed from exhaustion.

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Suzy said...

Heh, my kids are the same about comfy chairs. They just LOVE to sit on the couch and chill with us in the evenings. It's easy to forget that they don't have a place to kick back and relax. Their beds are hard, and they're expected to play all day. Tough life! :) Anyway, love it that you were able to get a pic of the boys all together. That's quite a feat!

Aunt Mary said...

Wow- you really ought to wear a calorie counter someday- would't you like to know how many calories you are burning!! It's probably more then we burned walking 8 miles shopping- we won't debate which one is more fun!

Emily said...

What a great picture of your boys - they have the best smiles!