Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bouncing Boys and Girl

Aunt Allie (Jeff's sister) came to visit us for her spring break, but the weather hasn't been very spring-y, so today we took the kids for some fun indoors. We went to a place full of inflatable bounce houses and slides.

The boys enjoyed running around the place more than the bounce houses, but Amelia had a blast jumping and going down the slides.

Aunt Allie and Alex hang out.

Sam gives bouncing a try.

Isaac gets a lift from Daddy.

Amelia checks out the baby area with her brothers.

Amelia enjoys  the biggest slide in the place!

We were only there for about 90 minutes, but that was long enough. It really was about all I could take. The place was so noisy! Between all the blowers for the inflatables, the screaming kids and the arcade games it was overwhelming. I can't imagine going to work there every day.

Hard to believe, but it made my house seem downright peaceful by comparison.

That might be reason enough to go back sometime.

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