Monday, May 3, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Thought I'd share a few of my favorite things today just for fun. So, how's five for a few? Here we go:

1. Debbie Meyer Green Bags
My sister Mary recommended these, and I must admit that at first I laughed. After all, she famously bought the Ginsu knife off the infomercial years ago. But I got tired of throwing out produce that we didn't eat fast enough. And tired of eating an extra banana or more berries than I wanted so they wouldn't go bad.

So I gave in and bought them. My local CVS carries them for just $5 for 20. The grocery store charges $10 for the same number. I've also heard that the bags are even cheaper at Big Lots if you have one near you.

These bags really deliver what they promise. Our produce lasts much longer. The directions tell you to wipe out the bag if moisture collects inside, but I just turn the bag inside out and stick the produce back in it. You can rinse and reuse the bags about 6-7 times before they lose their effectiveness.

Originally I bought them to keep bananas fresh, but now that my monkeys can eat 18 bananas in 48 hours, that's not necessary. But I can keep avocados for a full week, Costco-sized tubs of blueberries for almost two weeks (though they rarely last that long now that the boys are bigger), and cut bell peppers for a good 9-10 days.

Green bags are definitely worth the money. And I no longer have to deal with rotten produce. Which is good, because I have enough icky things to deal with in any given day!

2. Briannas brand salad dressings
I must admit I've become addicted to these dressings. It all started when a friend brought dinner and included with the salad was a bottle of Briannas Real French Vinaigrette. We loved it.

Then recently I was looking for something to put on a salad with avocado and some tortilla strips and the Chipotle Cheddar jumped out at me. And oh yum! It's also delicious as a dip for sweet potato fries. I'm planning to make a southwestern pasta salad with it sometime soon. If it turns out, I'll share the recipe.

At the suggestion of a friend I also bought a bottle of Briannas Ginger Mandarin to try on my Fruit and Broccoli Slaw. I still love the Marzetti's Ginger Mango on this salad, but the Briannas runs a veeery tight second.

3. Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller
My sisters recommended Olay Regenerist's eye cream, but when I went to buy it I found this on sale. It's a pretty new product. I love it. I've been using it semi-regularly for about a month and I have noticed an improvement in the fine lines around my eyes. And while I rarely take a full 30 seconds per eye to do the roller massage, what little I can squeeze in sure feels great. I've used Olay products for years, and also use their Regenerist Regenerating Serum at night (love the fragrance free option!) and their Olay Complete daily moisturizer with sunscreen.

4. Spray-on sunscreen
Right now we're using Banana Boats Kids in SPF 50. (Yes, 50.) Have you seen how white my kids are?) I bought Banana Boat because it was on sale, but it's not the brand so much as it is the concept. I usually just spray some into the palm of my hand before attacking the kids with it. The spray is lighter and rubs in much easier than lotion, and it's non-greasy, too.

5. Gold Bond Ultimate lotions
 I first bought a bottle of Gold Bond Ultimate lotion when the triplets were tiny. Between washing my hands after diaper changes and before feedings, using hand sanitizer constantly, and trying to keep up with bottle washing in a sink of scalding hot water, not to mention winter weather, my hands cracked and bled. Nothing I tried worked all that well. Then I picked this up. Probably because I had a coupon.

It is amazing. I used the healing lotion and within a week my hands were soft and supple again. The lotion wasn't greasy, rubbed in easily, but seemed to last through the next couple hand washings.

Then I used it on Sam. He was plagued with some stubborn red, scaly patches of skin when he was really small. It wasn't exactly eczema, but similar. The pediatrician said that we could use a little cortisone cream if absolutely necessary, but to keep it to a minimum because he was so young. No need. Gold Bond Ultimate cleared those patches in no time flat. We still use it on Sam when he gets a flare-up, and it works every time.

How about you? What are a few of your favorite things?

Note: This is just stuff I use and like. No one has given me anything (so sad!) in exchange for this post. However I'm open to being showered with goodies for being a happy customer! :-) 

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Suzy said...

My mom just brought me a few samples of Gold Bond hand sanitizer. It's AMAZING!!! My hands looked like a 90-year-old's after using sanitizer every other minute this winter ... after just a couple of applications of this GB sanitizer, though, they are almost like new. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that one of my favorite things is Chivas Regal with just a splash of water. If I had to chase triplets around this would not be a favorite thing, it would be a requirement. The boys are getting so big so fast but trust me, blink your eyes and they will all be off to college.

Uncle Dave