Friday, May 7, 2010

Introducing: From My Kitchen

I love to feed people. I take after my maternal grandmother that way. She was infamous for feeding everyone who came near her house, including the UPS guy.

My husband tells the story about the time he stopped on his way home from his summer internship. My grandma was just leaving the house to go to a funeral, but when that hungry college boy appeared she went back into the house and made him a couple of eggs -- despite his protests -- before rushing off to the church.

Since I can't get all of you around my kitchen table, sharing my favorite recipes is the next best thing. So, I am pleased to introduce a new page here on Trippin'.

From My Kitchen houses links to all of the recipes I've posted so far. And I will continue to add to it on a regular basis with new recipe posts on Fridays. Maybe I'll give you something new to try over the weekend. I've got a couple months of weekly recipe posts ready to go, and if you like this new feature I'll keep it.

I've put a button that will take you to the From My Kitchen page over there at the top of the left-hand column of the blog. Anytime you get hungry, just stop on by! (And please, let me know what you think.)

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susie said...

I love this idea because I'm always looking for the ham and potato strata recipe!

Amy said...

love the icon!