Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Many Questions Can You Answer?

Last night I laid down with Amelia to try to help her settle down and sleep after her big day.

Amelia usually has a thousand questions to ask, but fueled by excess sugar and post-birthday party excitement she had several thousand. I figure she's just breaking us in for when the boys get to this stage.

It was late and I was exhausted so I told Amelia that it was time to sleep, and her questions would have to wait until morning.

"But Mom, I've got a lot of nighttime questions in my head!" she replied.

I told her that I was all out of answers, but I would have more answers in the morning. 

"Good, because I've got a lot of morning questions, too," she said.

 As I was telling Jeff this story today, he laughed.

"That explains it," he said.

When he went into Amelia's room some time after I had left, Amelia said, "Dad, do you have any answers? Because Mom ran out."

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Stef said...

Haha. That is funny. I will have to use that one sometime.