Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life As A SAHM: I Really Miss The Shoes

Today I met a couple of friends for lunch and a little shopping. We checked out a new thrift store, and even found a couple of bargains.

All three of us are stay-at-home moms, and we laughed about our "uniform" of t-shirts and jeans. The reality is that practicality has completely trumped style. In fact, what would be most practical for me these days is a Teflon track suit. Everything would slide right off, and I could chase kids comfortably in it.

I went through my closet lately and weeded out clothes that are too big, that I have no place to wear anymore (unless I start wearing suits to do laundry in), and almost everything that needs to be dry cleaned. I kept a few nice things, just in case. And I have vowed to do a better than my usual ratty t-shirts. I bought myself a couple nice t-shirts and tops that are still casual, but wash-and-wear and practical for all the lifting, chasing and wrangling I do every day.

I don't miss getting dressed up every day, but you know what I do miss?

I miss the shoes.

I really miss the shoes.

I miss buying nice shoes to wear to work. I miss cute shoes that were perfect with just a few things in my closet. I miss shoes like these, which I have had for a year and worn exactly twice.

Nowadays my requirement for shoes is that they are comfortable for my 16-hours days and that I can do a 100-yard sprint in them. Tennis shoes, baby. Tennis shoes. And maybe a pair of sandals, but not the cute kind. The athletic-looking kind that can keep up with me and my kids.

Some women mourn the loss of their pre-baby bodies. I mourn the loss of my pre-baby footwear.


It's probably just as well. With what it costs me to put shoes on my kids' feet, cute is no longer in my budget anyway.

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Angela said...

I like this post! I can relate although, I'm not a shoe person, but you'd never now is with how many shoes I buy at garage sales for the triplets. I guess I'm paranoid at not having enough or the right size. When I can ge Stride Rite, Nike and more for $2 it's worth it.

You look great! And it's a good thing to have to get rid of clothes that are too big! Yay! I'm hoping with pushing 90lbs of baby and a 50lb stroller this summer that the weight will melt away!

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Thanks, Angela. Pushing a stroller full of big boys certainly helps keep the weight off. That and chasing them around the yard! :-)