Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Trio Turns 19 Months Old

Today Sam, Isaac and Alex are 19 months old. They are busy, busy, busy and growing like weeds!

Sam, Isaac and Alex at 19 months old
Here's the update on everyone:

Sam still has his curls, even after his first haircut. He's been showing a lot of temper lately, and it makes me laugh when he has a temper tantrum. He stomps his feet and wails then takes a few stomping steps before he flings himself to the ground. Fortunately, Sam's tantrums rarely last long, and he makes up for them by being the best snuggler of the group.

Sam is the most verbal of the boys, but his brothers are catching up fast. He will repeat anything you say, and often hauls out the "I bad. I bad." that Aunt Judy taught him at Easter. He now sings the opening of the theme to "Elmo's World." It's even recognizable! All three of the boys are big into Elmo right now.

Sam is still attached to his baby, and continues to take a baby doll to bed at night. When he doesn't want to go to bed, he will throw Baby to the floor and say "No bed." That's easy to understand!

Isaac is pretty even-keeled, but has shown us some dramatics lately. He is definitely a mama's boy, and does not like it at all when I leave. He can turn on the waterworks, which is something his brothers rarely do. Sam and Alex might pitch a fit, but Isaac will have tears running down his face. Isaac warms up more slowly to strangers than his brothers, but once you're in with him you're in for life!

Isaac recently learned to say "Sammy." He is the only one who says it. He still calls Alex "Ah," and he and his brothers are all pretty good at saying Amelia's name. Some of Isaac's favorite words right now are: shoes, socks, and outside. See the theme there?

All of the boys like music, but Isaac is usually the first to start dancing. If he's in the high chair he grooves with his shoulders. Another new favorite move is to jump up and down until he falls down. And then he laughs.

Alex continues to be one of the smilingest kids on the planet...when he's not furiously mad about something! Thankfully his temper tantrums are pretty rare these days, and the intensity has tapered off considerably. He no longer bangs his head on the floor. He'll still lie down and wail like the world is ending, but he's learned not to smack his head, which makes his tantrums much easier for me to deal with.

Alex probably talks the least, but he's got charm galore. He flashes that big smile and loves to wave at everyone who drives by the house. I call him "Miss America" because he rides in the front of the stroller and gives a very pageant-approved wave and grin to every person we see.

After all our battles on the sleep front, Alex currently is the best sleeper. He rarely protests going night-night, and has started to say "bye-bye" very quietly when we leave the room after we lay him down. Alex no longer needs any physical therapy, and we now just watch him for signs that he needs to a craniosacral massage session for a tune-up.

Alex has become a bit of a hoarder. If there are three pacis in the room, he wants all three. If there are six pieces of sidewalk chalk out (one for each hand x 3 boys) he wants all six. If there are 15 pieces of sidewalk chalk out he wants all 15. I often find him walking around the playroom with an armful of trucks or puzzle pieces or stuffed animals or whatever he's decided to collect that day.

Of course, all of the boys still love to climb. It's their way of keeping me on my toes. They love the bath so much that we are spelling the word, but I think they are on to us. It doesn't help that Amelia usually says the word after we spell it! They love to be outside playing with their balls and ride-on toys, digging in the dirt, playing peek-a-boo through the playhouse windows, learning to use the big-kid swings and trekking over to the neighbor's yard to see if their puppy is out. (Thankfully the puppy is in a fenced-in area. Otherwise my four would probably maul the poor thing to death.)

We are so fortunate to have three healthy, happy, exuberant boys running around here. I can't believe they are 19 months old already, and that their sister will be four in two weeks!
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Stacia said...

Puppies are hard to resist, no matter how old you get. =>

Happy 19 months to your little guys! (My son is a hoarder and head-banger, too. Their little innate tendencies are so interesting!)

Pam said...

No way! I can't believe they are already 19 months old. Where has the time gone? They have grown so much and they are so stinking cute.