Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I took the boys to the library for story hour this morning. They used to love it and sit pretty well, until they turned about 22 months. Ever since then I just take them for the aerobic exercise of chasing them around the room and the mental challenge of trying to talk them into sitting and listening.

They did OK today, but not great. They wanted to sit in the "big boy" chairs instead of on the floor, which was fine. They didn't so much sit in the chairs, as fall off them dramatically, crawl under them, and push them around.

But, they were relatively quiet so the other kids could hear. And no one threw a major fit or ran around the room. I considered that a big win.

There was a coloring page afterward and we kept the crayons on the table and on the paper, and mostly out of our orficices. Another win.

So when I was putting them back in the van I told them they had done "OK, but not great."

Sam responded, "We do great!"

I corrected him and explained that "great" would mean sitting in their chairs for the 10 minutes of story time, but they did a good job of being quiet.

Isaac said, "We're GREAT!"

I didn't even try again since it would probably only encourage Alex to join the "great" chorus. I know when I'm outnumbered!

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Aunt Mary said...

I guess you need to lower your expectations to their level of "great"! LOL