Thursday, February 3, 2011

Professor Isaac

Last week, before The Monster Storm, I had a couple different sales guys out to give me estimates on replacing our furnace. We got it fixed, but it's nearing the end of its life cycle and I'd rather shop around for a good deal than have to buy something because the house is freezing. 

I warned them all as they came into my house that this would be an exercise in focus and concentration. Of course I made them all come when the boys were awake. I'm looking for a little pity discount here!

Anyway, when one of the furnace guys was here Isaac was sitting at the table with us playing with some shapes. Alex and Sam were downstairs in the playroom. When the boys in the basement started screaming I excused myself to go down and see what the problem was.

As I came back up I heard Isaac quizzing the furnace guy:

Isaac: "What shape is this?"
FG: "Circle."
Isaac: "Right. It's a circle."

By now I was part way up the stairs and could see Isaac holding up one finger and lecturing to the furnace guy. Then he held up a foam picture of a jewel.

Isaac: "What shape is this?"
FG: "It's a diamond."
Isaac: "No. It's a pentagon."

In the furnace guy's defense, the jewel does look like a diamond, but the shape is five-sided, so Isaac was right, it is a pentagon.

Isaac held up the same shape again as I reached the top of the stairs and could see amused look on the furnace guy's face.

"What shape is this?"

The furnace guy dutifully answered, "It's a pentagon."

"Good. A pentagon," said Professor Isaac.

The furnace guy looked at me and said, "I think I just got schooled by your two-year-old."

I had to agree.

I can only imagine the story that guy told when he got back to the office!

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Of course, you know I love this. It may be my favorite post of late. It's all about precision!