Monday, February 7, 2011

When Life Gives You Snow...Make Snowmen!

Mother Nature treated us to four inches of snow on top of the ice over the weekend. That wreaked a little havoc with our Internet service Saturday, but left us with perfect packing snow to play in.

So Sunday afternoon we all went out to play. Well, Jeff shoveled the driveway for a lot of the time we were outside, but the kids played.

Amelia made a snow horse (with a little help from Mom & Dad).

Check out the sticks for the mane and tail. Her idea, and a pretty good one!

Even Sam got in on the action, though as we were getting ready to go out he cried for us to take his cast off and put his boot on. We wrapped his cast in fleece and a plastic bag, then added a warm sock on top. It worked pretty well. He was outside for an hour. The cast was dry and the toes were still warm and pink when he came in. Sam loves to be outside, and really loves the snow so we didn't want him to miss out.

As much as we're all looking forward to warmer weather, it's still fun to play in the snow!

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Aunt Mary said...

I went on our Christmas tree hunt with my cast + a warm sock + a garbage bag + my walking shoe for the cast + my Yax Trax- it worked! Never miss a day to play in the snow....