Monday, February 14, 2011

Sometimes Randomness Makes Sense

I haven't been blogging. There's been both too much going on and not much going on all at the same time. Does that make sense?

I've had one of those weeks where there have been a million little things to take care of that somehow don't seem to add up to anything really getting done. I usually refer to that as "getting nibbled to death by ducks." So here's a rather miscellaneous update.

Sam's getting along pretty well on his cast now. He can even "wun" on it, and when he does he usually yells, "I'm wunning! I'm wunning!" I guess it's a little novel since he spent more than a week crawling before hesitantly standing on it and taking a few steps for a couple days. Once he realized it no longer hurt, he was off to the races.

Sam got mobile just in time, too. I don't know how much more toting a 30-pound toddler around my back could take. He still asks to be held and carried a lot, but he's no longer the barnacle he was in the first 10 days.

The cast situation is not entirely without woe, of course. We had to go in and have it replaced today after it got soaked in the bath last night. That wasn't really a bad thing, since Sam has sensitive skin and they were able to let his leg air out and put a little medicine on a couple pretty ugly spots before recasting it.

Outside of that, I've completed one consulting job and started another, and we went and looked at a house that's for sale in our neighborhood.

The job? A little writing, which is always fun for me.

The house? Great space and flow, but in need of some updates and priced more than we want to spend. Maybe it will come down in price given the soft market. We'll see.

We could use a little more space, but we love, love, love our neighborhood so we've been doing some homework on a remodel. When this four-bedroom plus den came on the market we had to go look at it, even though it's priced a little high.

I'm also working on replacing our old furnace before something else goes wrong. Who knew there was so darn much to know about furnaces? I've had a couple sales guys out here filling my head with SEER numbers and discussions about variable speed blowers, when they aren't getting quizzed by my children.

In other news, we had a nice Valentine's Day here. Amelia saw to it that I got flowers, and on a whim I made a two-layer cake frosted (pink, for Amelia!)  for dessert tonight. It was partly an excuse to use the footed cake stand that my mom always used for birthday cakes and special occasions when I was growing up. And it was partly a way to avoid more mundane tasks like laundry and dusting.

And now I think I'll continue my trend of avoiding housework by going to bed. Night all!

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