Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Storm of The Century?

Don't you love how the news and weather people always rush to call every big storm "the Storm of the Century" or "Snowmageddon" or something else overly dramatic?

Yes, the weather here is not nice. It's going to get worse. But it's not apocalyptic just yet, so let's save a few superlatives for later, shall we?

The first round came through and left a nice layer of ice, but there's more on the way. The power is on so far, but by all accounts, we shouldn't expect it to remain on when we get the next two inches of ice, snow, freezing rain, sleet...whatever. All the reports are starting to run together in my head.

I just want the power to stay on. Cold, nasty weather is so much more survivable if you can make cookies. Amelia, however, is very excited by the possibility of losing power and camping out by the fire. Her parents? Decidedly less so.

Here's a video so you can see Round One for yourself.

Tomorrow I may decide that the superlatives apply to this storm, but not just yet!

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Suzy said...

I'm starting to feel sick just thinking about Round Two.