Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to The Commune

The boys are on a "nakey" kick as of late. The other day we didn't have anywhere to go and they were in the buff until at least 10 a.m. And if they are crabby it's a surefire way to change their moods dramatically.

As an added bonus, I think running around here naked has helped one of the boys clear the final potty training hurdle: poop on the potty. He's ASKED and gone on the potty three days in a row now, much to his mother's great joy.

This morning we went to the YMCA, so nakey time came after nap and went on and on. In fact, Jeff came home to find three naked boys eating supper. Hey, what can I say? It sure saves on laundry.

All of this hanging out with lots of little people in the buff does concern me a bit. I'm afraid we're just a couple goats and a flock of chickens away from having to declare this place a commune.

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Angela said...

I applaud you for starting your boys already...or should i say that you're done Potty Training already??? My older kiddos are completely disgusted as one of ours is in the buff as she is ready to PT. Good for you! Do whatever works!