Thursday, February 24, 2011

Writer's Workshop - Lesson Learned: A Memo to My Fellow Mamas

Dear Fellow Mamas:

I would like to commend you for taking your children on an outing that is fun, educational or both. Kudos to you for not plunking them in front of the TV while you read the lastest issue of "People."

That said, could one of you please explain why you must you carry the world's largest Gucci/Coach/Prada purse know to man on your shoulder at the park/zoo/children's museum? Seriously, some of your handbags are so big that a small child would actually fit inside of them. And I've seen more than one waist-high little person clock his head on the bag dangling from your arm and threatening to separate your shoulder.

You are endangering yourself and others with those things. Please, stop the madness. This is not a fashion show. I'm with you on the great jeans and cute top, but ditch the 42-pound bag and the spiky heels when you're here with your kids, OK?

While we're at it, would it be too much to ask for you to actually watch your children, or even interact with them while you're here? I know that's hard to do when you've got your latte in one hand and your smart phone in the other, but give it a try. Your tapping on that phone is annoying me almost as much as having to stop your kid from throwing sand because you're paying more attention to your phone than your child.

Facebook will still be there when you get home. But these moments with your kids won't last.

So take a lesson from the low-key moms out there: Stick a credit card and your driver's license in your pocket, put on some comfy shoes and get down on your knees next to your little people. They'll love you for it. And you'll be a whole lot less annoying to the rest of us.



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Jen said...

Memo received and taken to heart.

Sorry about the sand and the pushing.

Will do better next time.


Allison said...

I have a very large bag. It is very useful for carrying many things in it. Plus it is very cute. :) But then again, I am an architect, and i LOVE everything to be designed, right down to my shoes/toes.

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Heehee Jen, you crack me up!

Allison, I'm all about a great bag, but I watched a mom clock her kid with her gigantic bag at the children's museum the other day when she bent down to help him with something. Thought he was going to pass out! There's a time and a place for everything. Plus she would have looked great even without the bag.

Lindsey V said...

LOL! Great post!

You x3 are so cute!!

eof777 said...

Oh Boy, oh boy! LOL! Some of those bags are diaper bags and hide treats for the kids and the heels are well, you know ... trying to stay fresh in the park or were you referencing the zoo?
You are funny and I hear you on this one. Sometimes I wish I could still wear those spiky heels but my aging feet say, "please no more!"
Way to go... Well said.
Stopped by from MamaKat's and following you through GFC :-)