Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Fun

I didn't post all weekend because I was busy making Halloween costumes so we could go to the zoo for Halloween festivities on Sunday.

Here is the result:

Little Bo Peep and her sheep ~ October 2009

We drew a "flock" of comments, as Jeff said. But of course we expected that. And the kids looked so cute! It almost made it worthwhile that my entire house is now covered in sheep fur. I'm sure I'll be finding that stuff for months.

As for making the costumes, don't be too impressed. They were simple, and wouldn't win any prizes in 4-H. I figured everyone would be so busy looking that no one would look that closely. I was right about that!

We had the dress (remember Goldilocks, from last year?). So I only made Amelia's bonnet, and I cheated on the pantaloons by sewing a few layers of lace to the bottom of a white pair of Bermuda shorts. Jeff made the shepherd's staff out of an old curtain rod, some brown craft paper, duct tape and spray paint.

The boys' sheep costumes are just ponchos with hoods. Literally, a square of fabric with a hole for their heads and a hood with ears. I didn't even bother to hem them. And all that fur hides a multitude of sewing errors, like ears that have raw edges, and less than perfect seams. Plus, there's nothing like a little polyester fur to keep you warm and toasty. The weather was nice, but the boys certainly didn't need jackets under their costumes.

Taylor and Amelia

We met our friends Sarah, Dustin and Taylor at the zoo, which gave us some extra hands. Amelia and Taylor had fun trick-or-treating together. The boys were great about hanging out in the stroller and even ate supper there. But we definitely needed the help when we turned them loose on the playground! It was fun to go out and do something as a family. And we know that will get easier and easier, too

We'll be trick or treating in our neighborhood in these costumes on Halloween. Hopefully I can get some better pictures then, (because putting a three-year-old within 100 feet of candy and asking her to stand still for a picture is a real recipe for photo success, you know) but I just couldn't wait to share.


Pam said...

We were there on Sunday. I wish we had seen you. The costumes turned out so cute. I'm impressed.

Suz said...

The best costumes are always recycled. Amelia's is AWESOME!!! And the boys look too cozy. Can you make one in my size by Fri? Wait, I'd get the "ewes not fat, ewes fluffy" comments. Forget I mentioned it.