Friday, October 9, 2009

Let Them Eat CAKE!

When we pulled the cupcakes out last night, the boys' eyes lit up. Apparently they remembered this treat from their early birthday party in September.

Isaac, Alex and Sam dig in on their first birthday! ~ 10/08/09

Amelia couldn't wait to sing "Happy Birthday" to her brothers -- both versions.

All three of the boys had their own approach. Alex dived right in, of course. Sam hesitated slightly before giving his cupcake a good squeeze or two. Isaac turned his cupcake over and poked at it cautiously for a while, then licked his fingers before he finally picked it up and started to eat it.




And then there was this bit of brotherly love.

Isaac didn't take well to Alex "borrowing" some of his cake.

Neither did Sam!

Today we had another birthday boy in the house. Yep, this is Jeff's birthday. I will never be able to top the gift I gave him last year, which really takes the pressure off!

Tomorrow Amelia and I will make homemade cherry pie for Jeff, and we've got a sitter so we can enjoy a night out. Hopefully the boys will be back to their usual jolly selves so our sitter won't be tearing her hair out by the time we get home!

Once I get all these kids healthy and get a little more time, I'll have a big photo post that chronicles the triplets' first year, so stay tuned!


Holly said...

What priceless photos! I especially love the "cake borrowing". :P

Yum. Cherry pie sounds awesome. :D

Angela said...

Were they really born on your DH birhday? Wow!!! I need to journal about our IM&Ms reactions to their first bite of cake as well. Yours are tooo cute! Isn't it fun seeing how differently their approaches to even cake are? It is truly Amazing...Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Babies!

Suz said...

Cute pix of the boys - congratulations - you've survived a year! :)

Happy BIRTHday to YOU, Christy, you're the one who should get the presents for delivering such wonderful miracles.

On the pie thing - do you make your own crust? After 17 years of marriage I've figured out dh loves pie (and I hate crust, so I don't make pie EVER). Looking for tips galore!