Friday, October 30, 2009

What A Pain In The Neck

What a pain in the neck, literally! The boys did pretty well last night, but Alex and I were up early. So, I decided that since I didn't get a shower yesterday, I would hop in quick before Jeff left for work.

I got in a nice steamy shower, turned my head and POP! Blinding pain. I almost had to sit down on the floor of the shower. I would have cursed, but the pain took my breath away.

Seriously? I just wanted a shower. Is that too much to ask?

Thankfully it was a day when Jeff could do some work from home and take a little time off, because I couldn't even turn my head, let alone take care of four kids all day.

My friend Ellen came to our rescue this morning, taking me to the chiropractor so we didn't have to load up all the kids to go. Because there was no way I could drive myself there.

It took two adjustments, a Vicodin and near constant ice, but now I can turn my head. And the sudden screaming pain when I moved a millimeter too far is gone now. I was even able to make supper and hold the boys a bit before bedtime.

Another Vicodin, some rest and a little more ice and I hope to be right as rain by morning.

This injury reinforces yet again that we are playing a team sport here and injuries really impact our game. I'm just glad we've got some good people on the bench that we can call on in a pinch!

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Anonymous said...

Christy, I have felt your pain! I owe you and Jeff from taking care of me about 4 years ago when I hurt my neck so if you need anything please give me a shout! Betsy