Monday, October 5, 2009

The Infamous Exercise Ball Post

It's impossible to believe that one year ago today I was 36 weeks pregnant with Sam, Isaac and Alex and taking pictures comparing my belly to an exercise ball.

Of course, we didn't even know if we were having boys or girls, then. We were just thrilled to have made it to 36 weeks with big healthy babies and no complications.

Well, I was thrilled that the end of the pregnancy was in sight. So thrilled. Moved to tears really.

Because I was big. BIG, people! My "waist" was more than 49 inches around -- just 14 inches shy of my 5' 2" in height -- and I measured more than 52 weeks pregnant. I was overflowing with sympathy for mama elephants and all other large animals that have long gestations.

But mostly, I was just overflowing everywhere.

And now?

Now I am running everywhere!

I'm probably moving more weight every day than I was then. The difference is that now it's light weights, lots of reps. And I've got the guns to prove it, too. Watch out Michelle Obama, you've got nothing on me!

If you've never seen the pics of 36 weeks vs. the exercise ball, go check it out. It's quite a sight to behold, and good for a laugh to boot.

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Suz said...

I think I recall a little hip wiggle at the end of that vid. Am I right? ;)

Anonymous said...
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