Friday, October 2, 2009

We've Been Nominated!

Wowsa! This little blog of mine has been nominated for Best Writing over at Multiples and More.

Won't you please take a minute to hop on over there and vote for me?

Nominees are listed by category on the right-hand side of the blog, and you can vote there. My blog is listed as "Life with Triplets...What a Trip" instead of the "Trippin'" you might be more familiar with, so don't be confused.

Go forth and vote. The polls are open for 5 more days, so keep voting, just so I don't have to be completely embarrassed by the results, OK?

I'll be happy to kiss any babies you send my way.

Wait, scratch that. I think I've got all the babies I can handle right now.

Thanks for your votes and for reading.



Amy said...

Christy, you are a strong second right now!! I just voted...i'll have to mention you at staff meeting and get everyone to vote:).

Emily said...

I was excited to see your name up there! You got my vote :)