Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 Things I Never Knew Until I Became A Mom

It's really probably for the best that we enter parenthod relatively uninitiated. I think if most people really knew what they were in for -- beyond TVcommercials that show parents cuddling with adorable and charming or sleeping children -- the human race could be in serious jeopardy.

Until I was a mom I never knew that...

1. Sometimes the bathtub needs a garbage disposal.
Like when the triplets eat spinach ravioli. If you thinking hair in the drain is gross, try picking out spinach.

2. A dirty diaper can be the cause for a major celebration.
And it can change a baby's mood completely in an instant!

3. A shower can be a major accomplishment...for the week.
You earn superwoman status if you shave.

4. A hot meal would be a rare treat. 
Rarer still, a meal uninterrupted by request to "WI-I-I-PE."

5. Three hours of sleep could feel so good.
Or constitute a whole night's sleep...for which I was eternally grateful.

6. Goldfish have incredibly addictive properties.
Seriously, what do they put in those things? It's like kiddie crack. It's also one of mom's secret weapons for getting kids to cooperate.

7. I could accomplish so much with just one arm.
The list of things I've done while holding a baby is long. Cook? Check. Use the bathroom? Check. (Oh, you've done it, too.) Dress another child? Check. Laundry? Check. Clean? Well, only if I have to.

8. "Because I said so," is a perfectly legitimate answer.
It always sounded like a cop-out when I was a kid, but now I understand it. Now if only I could get my kids to understand, too.

9. That there were so many hours in the day.
And I had no idea that as "Mom," I often would be called upon to work nearly all of them. Even more surprising is that despite the long hours I still love the job.

10. That I could love someone so fiercely.
I have loved parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and one man in my life. But it wasn't until my first child was born that I realized just how fiercely I could love someone.

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Kelly Jo @Typing One Handed said...

Ah, Goldfish. I never knew they were such an essential pantry item. Not to mention purse, glove box, loose in a coat pocket...

Thank you so much for inspiring such a great prompt. As soon as I saw it there was no question which one I was choosing! LOVE your blog. And thanks for stopping by Typing One Handed.

Michelle said...

Totally agree with 'because I said so'. I hated it when I was a kid and vowed never to use it when I had my own. Now that my 4 year old is in the 'why' stage, I find myself using that phrase several times a day!

Amy Whitley said...

It wasn't until I was a mother that I understood the power of 'because I said so'. Great list!

parentingBYdummies said...

Shaving?! Surely you jest! I've given up shaving during the winter months entirely. It keeps me warmer anyway. And, I've said more than once that I'm changing my name from mom and not telling them the new one. Smarty pants #2 decided he'd just call me by my real name instead so he'd be safe. Drat smarter-than-me-kids!

Anonymous said...

Oh..I forgot about adding shaving to my list. A shower is a nice thing but shaving is a treat.

My youngest isn't quite at the goldfish stage but Cheerios are great at this point. I love how the litter the high chair, floors, and inside onesies. family is adorable!

Tickled Pink Twice
Sew, What's Next?

Jen said...

I so get your list! Love it!!!

Erin said...

#4 is so true...I don't think I've had a HOT meal for 3 years! And what do I make myself for lunch when I COULD have a hot meal...a cold sandwich! haha

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Thanks for the comment love, ladies.

Wishing you all a hot meal, a decent night's sleep and plentiful goldfish to keep your little people happy.