Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Great Negotiator

Alex has always been one who knows what he wants and just takes it...away from his brothers, that is.

Of course, when we see this happen we intervene, telling him he needs to give the toy back and then "helping" him do that. If he keeps up the thievery, he goes into the crib for a quick timeout.

In the past week, Alex is trying a new technique. Instead of just taking what he wants, he'll bring another toy over to offer in trade. If the first toy doesn't work, he'll often try again. If that doesn't work, he'll go back to his old ways and just rip the desired object out of his brother's hands. But watching him negotiate to get what he wants is both fascinating and a little bit worrisome.

He's only 16 months old and he's already making deals? Yikes!

I have visions of him in the future: "Hey, buddy. Wanna buy a used car?"

I'll try to get Alex's negotiation skills on video. It really is fun to watch him try to make a deal.

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gaelikaa said...

They all do that! Take heart. I'm inspired by your topic on Mama Kat's writing workshop and I've written on it.


Of course, I realise you may be way to busy to come over, but that's okay.

Jen said...

I wish my kids were that good at trying to trade.