Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Works-for-Me Wednesday: The Poop on Diapers

Sorry for the terrible pun in the headline. Well, not really, but it just feels right to apologize. Today I'm playing along on Works-for-Me Wednesday over at WeAreThatFamily.

I have always loved a good bargain, but a good bargain in diapers has become an absolute necessity now that we're covering three little bottoms. 

After extensive research, I've got two things that work for us to share with you.

The first diaper deal I love is Target's new Up & Up diapers. These are great diapers, and you can't beat the price. A package of 96 size 3s (our current size) is $13.96, or 14.5 cents per diaper. It is even cheaper if you get Target's Up & Up coupons. Compare that with a typical Huggies price of 22 cents apiece, or even Luvs at 16 cents apiece and it adds up fast around here.

Even with coupons and sales I can rarely beat the Up & Up price. And, the Up & Up diapers run big, so while my guys really need a size 4 in Huggies or Pampers, they can still wear a size 3 in Up & Ups. As any experienced diaper buyer knows, you get more value the smaller the size, because you get more per package. So that's a plus for us too.

Now I must confess that I tried the old Target brand diapers when they were on clearance because they were switching over to the new branding. I hated them. They were short, everyone peed out, and my guys got rashy. A fellow triplet mom convinced me to give the new Up & Up diapers a try, and what an improvement! Target really hit this one out of the park.

As a bonus, Target is running a stock-up sale right now online. If you buy three baby items you get 15% off. Buy four and get 15% off. You have to purchase $50 to get free shipping, but four large packs of Up & Up diapers will get you there. The sale is so good that my purchase worked out that I bought four packs of diapers for the price of three.

The second diaper deal I love is Actually, I love in general. We ordered three car seats from them and when they didn't fit well in our van, we returned them -- for free and with NO hassles. I simply called, said we needed to return the seats and the rep emailed me three labels, one for each box. They even called UPS to arrange the pickup. It could not have been easier. Talk about great customer service!

But on to the diapers, which is why we're here today. has pretty good sales and free shipping on orders over $49. If you're buying diapers for multiples, you know that $49 worth of diapers doesn't last long! Your diapers come to your door within two days, which is a real bonus in those early days when you can't even get a shower let alone get to the store. They will even take your coupons (details on the site).

First-time customers can get $10 off their order by entering the promo code: TRIPPIN at checkout. Right now you can get a real deal by printing and submitting a mail-in rebate within four weeks and you’ll get $14.97 back. (The rebate link looks like it’s only a free magazine subscription at first, but scroll down and you’ll read how you can actually just mail it in for a $14.97 check.) is a great way to send the most practical of gifts to your favorite mom of multiples or any other mama whose daily routine includes lots of diaper changes. It's fast and easy, and if you go through diapers they way we do, hitting the $49 minimum for free shipping is a piece of cake.

Disclaimers: I received nothing from Target or for this post. I am simply a happy customer.

The TRIPPIN promo code is my referral code from Anyone who orders from them can set one up. You will get $5 in credit for each person who uses your referral code. So if you use the code to save yourself $10 you'll be helping us out, too. I and my three little diaper-wearing bottoms thank you.
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Suz said...

I liked their pull-up type diapers when we hit that stage. Glad you found such a fantastic deal at Target :)

(And my reader & I thank you for switching to full feed!!!)

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Should have switched my feed ages ago since I read almost exclusively in a reader too. Anything I can do to make life as a reader easier -- provided I can figure out how to do it -- I'm happy to do, so just ask!