Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just A Typical Bath Night

Tonight was a typical bath night in our house. Jeff took two of the boys to the bathroom after supper. I followed right behind to help, because nowadays the boys want to climb into the tub -- even with their clothes on! You really need two sets of hands until you get them in the tub.

Once Isaac and Alex were splashing away I went back to the kitchen and got Sam, who was perfectly happy to be finishing his meal. I left Daddy in charge of the bath while I cleaned up the kitchen and played with Amelia.

Pretty soon I heard the call: "Incoming!"

That means Daddy has dried one of the boys, wrapped him in a towel, pointed him toward the door and turned him loose.

I turned around in time to see Sam come stomping down the hallway. I grabbed him and headed for the bathroom to ask Daddy if it was just the one on the loose, and spotted Isaac in our bedroom. I was just in time to see him pee on the floor and laugh as he watched.

Just a typical bath night in our house. The boys always get clean, and the floor somewhere in the house gets dirty. (But then cleaner than it was before. That's a plus, right?)

Thank goodness for hardwood floors!

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Angela said...

It takes two of us to get them in and then I sit, pant legs rolled up, both feet in and then 20min later reinforcement comes back in to take a sweet smelling baby to the nursery. I just saw your book list and a new library just opened so we're excited to go. I will search for some on your list as well! Thanks!

Suzy said...

Uh-oh, I think we need to be investing in either some hardwood floors or that steam cleaner we keep talking about ... our carpet has already been through the wringer this year, and we haven't even let them run around naked yet! haha

Jen said...

that's sounds very similar to my house.

Beth said...

You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Go to my blog and follow the instructions.

Love your blog!!!!