Saturday, February 6, 2010

Phil Was Right

Well, turns out the groundhog was right. Winter is back in full force around here. We've got snow on the ground again, but at least this time the temperature's not so unbearable.


Tomorrow afternoon we'll probably take the kids outside and do a little sledding. Hopefully they will be bigger fans of the snow when it's not quite so cold outside. Last time they didn't last more than ten minutes, and Sam spent nine of those crying.


As for me, I learned a valuable lesson that first time out. If you are going to wrestle four small children into snow pants, boots, coats, mittens and hats, DO NOT put any of your winter gear on first. In fact, workout wear is more than appropriate. I was sweating like it was the Fourth of July by the time I had everyone ready.

Alex & Amelia

My winter-wear workout did make me appreciate how much effort my mom made to get us ready and out the door every day when I was growing up in the Frozen North.

But I also know that the silence she enjoyed while we were outside was definitely worth it.

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