Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Onesies by the Dozens

We are quickly approaching the second anniversary of the day the nurse in my doctor's office told me that I was probably pregnant with multiples.

And then we found out it was triplets. Gulp!

Somewhere in those early "Holy crap, triplets!" days I became obsessed with having enough onesies for three babies.

I suppose it was because that was something tangible I could get my arms around. It was also something I could control in a world that suddenly felt completely out of control.

In fact, the only thing Jeff and I bought at the first multiples sale we went to was onesies. We were only about two months pregnant, and everything else was just too overwhelming.

As a result of this obsession, when I recently went through clothes to sell, I discovered that I have more than 30 onesies. That is excessive even for triplets because in those early days we did laundry constantly anyway.

But the real story of those 30+ onesies is that they are a testament to how little I knew about being a mom of multiples.

I loved onesies for Amelia. I thought they helped keep her warm, and they were so simple. She wore a onesie all the time until she was about two.

My triplets wore onesies for one day.

Well actually, only two of my triplets wore onesies for one day. It was the first day Sam and Isaac were home from the hospital. The ninth or tenth time that I pulled a poopy onesie carefully over a little head, I realized that was just too much work when multiplied by two, let alone three. By the time Alex came home two days later, the onesies were all relegated to a great big stack in the closet. They never wore them again.

Even now I shy away from onesies of any kind -- plain, cute, long sleeved -- I hate 'em all. And you would, too, if you had to snap and unsnap them in triplicate for diaper changes all day long. Especially on squirmy little boys!

So now I'm getting rid of all those onesies, and as I do I have to laugh at how little we knew then and how different it is to have three to care for at a time instead of one. I just thought it was worth documenting my innocence (or ignorance!) going into this multiples gig.

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Pam said...

I had to laugh at this. In my case it was newborn gowns. I bought a bunch of them thinking it would be so much easier to change three babies if I could just lift up the gown. Little did I know that all three of my kids would have reflux and need to sleep in bouncy seats. The buckles bunched up the gowns and made it impossible to cover the lower half of their bodies. No more gowns for us!

Jen said...

yeah, onies suck. I so completely understand this. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I must say, even though I only had two singletons, I did find that MANY of the items/methods/you-name-it that worked for my first baby did NOT work for my second baby!


Angela said...

I LOVED this post, because I did the same exact thing! I had one gal tell me I needed 50 in each size? What? I did buy a box of 100 diff sized onesies! Ummmm..We never wore them either, until they were about 6 months and then in the winter months. Let alone snapping an extra 9 snaps per change..NOT! I think 9 onesies per size is great. Love that someone is as crazy as I am!

Megan said...

He he. I did the same thing with sleepers. I thought I needed like 30 sleepers. Nope. When you do laundry daily, you really need like two per baby. What I massively underestimated was bibs (I know you didn't use them, but we lived in them). I ended up with 50+ bibs, and it was not at all uncommon to nearly run out of clean ones!