Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do We Have Abandonment Issues?

I know, I know. I left you again. High and dry. Without so much as a warning or even a parting recipe to enjoy.

I am so sorry.

But on the bright side, now you've got something to discuss with your therapist. Or someone to blame for that last bowl of ice cream you ate.

Anyhoo, my departure was partly intentional, and mostly not. I planned to post a recipe on Friday, but we took a short trip this weekend -- all six of us -- and once I finished the craziness of packing, I was plumb tuckered!

So I started my recipe post and figured I'd drop it first thing Saturday with a little heads up that I'd be offline for a couple of days.

Turns out my ISP decided to take a vacation before I did! While we got back Monday night, we just managed to get back to the wide world of the Internet today.

I've missed you Internet. Don't ever leave me like that again.

So instead of a two-day absence, I've disappeared for almost a week. Sorry! Have a little Ben & Jerry's on me. It will make us both feel better.

I'm back now, and almost recovered from our trip. It was fun and not too full of adventure, which is always good. Despite Amelia's fall from the back of a turtle and the boys' overenthusiastic response to the hotel pool (can you say fearless?), we managed to follow the rule about not using insurance on vacation. Perhaps just barely, but we did it.

I've got stories to share, so forgive me for my sudden departure and come on back tomorrow! It will be worth the wait.

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susie said...

Yes, I tried the haagen daas dulce de get this away from me super delicious ice cream. W-O-W! Dangerous...

Aunt Mary said...

Was so great to see all of you! I honestly was exhausted just watching the boys....I will add a few extra prayers a day for you, Jeff and Amelia!