Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Our First Sports Season Ends

Amelia had her last t-ball game this past Saturday. She got to be a pretty decent batter, and improved her throwing, and most importantly she had fun -- in the end.

Amelia makes contact.

Amelia had a few days where she was too hot, the sun wasn't shining enough, the breeze was from the east instead of the west, the grass was too green, and so on. And she wasn't the only one of the team of four and five year olds to have those problems. But she had great coaches who coaxed her and the other kids into playing and even enjoying themselves. 

Amelia gives Sam a pep talk.

I think the boys will miss t-ball more than Amelia. They loved cheering Amelia on: "Go Melia! Hit de ball!" And they got a kick out of running around the outfield, and sometimes even the infield. More than once they helped Amelia run the bases.

Sam and Alex decide to join Amelia on second base.

As for Jeff and me, I guess we'll have to find another way to get our five-mile run in before lunch.

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