Sunday, August 1, 2010

Life Here In The Commune

Life in the commune continued as usual today. By late afternoon I had three naked boys and one girl clothed just her underwear running around my yard.

In my defense, we had the sprinkler on, and swim diapers are expensive man! Not as expensive as designer poop catchers, but still. I hate paying for them when my kids are just in my yard. Besides, as I learned early on in my journey of motherhood, and often remind myself, urine is sterile. And sunscreen is cheap. But I am grateful for spray sunscreen. It makes taking care of all those bare bottoms a lot easier! 

As for Amelia, she has brothers, so she just wants to wear her "trunks" when I pull out her two-piece swimsuit. (Thanks, Aunt Mary. Didn't consider that, did we?) Undies, swim trunks. It was six of one, half dozen of the other, so why argue?

Actually, being naked in the yard is part of our potty training efforts with the boys. One of the things we've done that seems to have helped is to line the boys up to pee. Alex will go every time, and sometimes Isaac and Sam follow his lead.

We do try to keep in mind that our neighbors are selling their house, so we have the boys pee near our garden instead of their treeline. I'd hate for my potty training efforts to lose them a sale. On the other hand, whoever moves in may as well have a realistic picture of what they are getting into.

Isaac is really starting to make progress on the potty training now. He got M&Ms three times today -- a record for him -- and once he even asked to go and his diaper was still dry. Yay! Alex would go as many times as his mommy would put him on the potty, but some days that's more than others. Now that we've got two out of three taking a lot less time on the potty to get results, maybe I'll get them there more often.

This afternoon I watched Jeff try to get Isaac to pee near the tree just off the deck. I had to laugh because Isaac, true to his training to sit on the potty, kept sitting down on the ground. Thankfully he didn't pee, because while urine might be sterile, mud still makes a big mess.

Tomorrow we've got a playdate, so I guess I'll have to clothe the children for a change...
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