Monday, August 30, 2010

Who Told The Kids It Was Monday?

One of the nice things about this stay-at-home mom gig is that Mondays as we knew them in the business world just don't exist.

Sure, Daddy goes back to work after two days of being home with us, but there's no Monday morning staff meeting, no listening to the office partier tell more than you want to hear about his weekend, no complaints from the singles in the office about having to get up before their weekend sleep-in time of 11.

Then there was this morning. Who the heck told my kids it was Monday?

The boys all woke up early -- too early given their lengthy and loud party/cry fest in their room last night. And they all got up CRABBY! Nothing like three crying almost two year olds to start your day off right.

"Mommy hold you!" was the morning's rallying cry. Of course, sitting down and holding all of them on my lap satisfied no one. They all wanted to be held in my arms, head on my shoulder. Ugh. That's one of those moments when having multiples is really tough.

Then came the food throwing and the fits over diaper changes. Those fun activities were followed by pushing, hair pulling and biting. Within an hour of waking up, one of the boys had been put in time out five times for pulling hair. By this point, I was pulling on my own hair!

I texted Jeff to say I thought we should lock all the boys in a room and keep the survivor. He wasn't even here to hear the deafening, ear splitting screaming and he agreed!

That kind of morning makes you pray earnestly that you can survive until naptime. We made it, thanks to an executive decision to hit the sack early.

I wish I could say the nap magically cured the crabbies, but it didn't. At least I felt better after a little peace and quiet! And hope was on the horizon  that Daddy would soon be home.

Yep, it was a real Monday here in Mommyland, but at least I didn't have to endure it in pantyhose and heels.

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Corcoran Crew said...

I think you, me and Alysia definitely need to do drinks!!!! I swear this 2 year old stuff is exhausting...enough to make us want to drink EARLY in the day!!! 10am cocktails anyone??? hehehe