Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Equal Parts Brave And Crazy

We had it all going on this last weekend. Sleeping in the tent, eating s'mores, hiking, playing in the park, picnicking, and finger painting!

We took our finger painting project outside on the deck. Because I'm crazy, not stupid! Amelia got to start while her brothers were still napping. I was hoping it would increase her tolerance for the chaos that was sure to ensue once they got up. And it did, thankfully, since they spent more time walking away with the paint pans and stepping on each other's paper than actually painting.

Amelia insisted on using brushes, despite my talented demonstration and repeated explanation that these were FINGER paints and you could use your hands.

Eventually everyone tried out the brushes, which didn't minimize the mess or the fun.

Daddy "helped" with the mess by showing Sam how to paint his face.

That led Alex to do this:

Which led to this:

This, on the other hand, happened when Isaac tried to drink the paint:

All the kids had a blast, and thankfully when Crayola says "washable," they really mean it.

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P.S.: We got nothing from Crayola for this post. But we sure had a whole lot of fun with their finger paints!

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g said...

very cute kids, i think i like them to be featured on my google doodle,