Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vacation And Puke Don't Go Together

I leave tomorrow for four days of vacation with my mom and sisters.

There were many, many things I needed to do tonight. None of them involved rashes and vomit.

Clearly, my children had other ideas.

One child clearly has a severe case of diaper rash. Another I believe to be heat rash. And the vomit? I think (hope, pray) it was the result of getting worked up over the pain of the bottom cleaning, butt paste and diapering.

And the recipient of the puke? Daddy, again. Even though I stay home with the kids now, Daddy always seems to be the one they puke on. It's been that way ever since Amelia was little, and frankly, that's fine with me. I've got enough gross jobs around here. Of course, I still have to clean up the mess.

I hope this all turns out to be nothing, because tomorrow afternoon I'm getting on a plane. So shape it up kids!

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