Friday, May 16, 2008

Comparing to Amelia

We got the camera out today - Mr. Scientific and all. It looks like Christy was almost right, at 16 weeks with triplets (right) she looks like she did when she was seven months with Amelia.

This pregnancy is moving along quite a bit quicker, as you might expect. It is quite different having an expectant wife and a little two year old running around the house. As you might guess, Amelia is a handful. She's a sweet little girl but it wouldn't hurt if she would sleep through the night. Amelia doesn't really know what's going on, just that there are babies in mommy's tummy. She told Sarah at daycare that mommy had four babies - I think that three at a time is more than enough.


Val said...

Dear friend, I think you look beautiful! I now feel as though I know a celebrity family.

Hugs to you all. And Happy Birthday to Amelia on the 22nd. My "baby" is 19 today, time sure flies!


Christy said...

Thanks, Val. I appreciate your support! And I can't believe Amelia's going to be two in two days!