Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update from the Docs

I had another doctor's appointment today. If I seems like I have a lot of those, I do. Every two weeks. All four of us are doing well. No ultrasound today, but we heard all three of the babies' heartbeats, and everyone is going strong. Interestingly enough, all three babies' heartbeats sounded different, so it was easy to tell we were hearing three different babies, not the same baby three times.

Mom's gained 14 pounds--not enough, I'm told. So, I need to step up the caloric intake. My recommended is 4,000 calories a day! I am gaining girth, though. In the last week I grew a half inch, and I'm told that's nothing compared to what's coming when the babies hit their big growth spurt from weeks 18-22. Yikes!

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Grandma D said...

Thursday, May 22 Happy birthday, Amelia! You are two years old!
I remember when we saw you at Easter time, you were wearing a shirt that said "Older sister"- my!
You meant what you said!
Happy day to you!
Love, Grandpa and Grandma and Jacob (and Moachie)