Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mr. Analytical

Perhaps this will prompt Jeff to offer up a post of his own in self defense. Those of you who know my husband know he is a scientist by profession and an analyst by his very nature. Last night he looked at me and said, "We should take pictures."

I thought that was sweet. I'm getting big fast and we probably should record it for the triplets as part of the story of their birth.

Then he said, "I'd like to compare with the photos of you when you were pregnant with Amelia to see how far along you look."


OK, but I admit that I'm a little curious, too. I'm guessing I look about the same as I did at 6 months with Amelia.

What I do know is that I look WAAAAY more pregnant than I did at 15+weeks with my first. I didn't even tell anyone in my office I was pregnant that time until I hit 20 weeks. My doctor says I'll look full term by the time I'm 24 weeks. At the rate I'm going, I don't doubt that.

Gotta feed those babies!

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