Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo

I'm actually talking about a trip to the zoo here. It's not a sarcastic reference to family chaos!

This morning we took Amelia to the zoo. We want to do as much as we can with her while Mommy can still get around. It was a beautiful morning and she had a great time. Watching her enjoy the dolphin show was great fun for Daddy and me.

I was careful to sit down whenever I could, and we didn't walk around much. Actually, Amelia's tolerance for walking just about matches mine these days. The difference is that Daddy can carry her!


Anonymous said...

What a great zoo! We used to take the kids there when we lived in Ft Wayne. Went to Dennis and Teresa's today for grilled brats and burgers. We are still shaking our heads over you having triplets. You are getting lots of prayers!

Uncle Dave

Christy said...

It is a great zoo, and we had a great visit with the exception of a little barfing episode in the bushes. It was a one off deal, so just a little toddler tummy. Luckily, the smell of mulch and animals will cover up almost any other scent!

Keep those prayers coming. Seventeen weeks so far, with (we hope) at least 11 more to go, and 15+ would be better.