Monday, May 5, 2008

The Day We Got the News

March 10 was the day we found out that we were expecting triplets.

The second the ultrasound started, two little sacs leaped onto the screen. I said, "I see two."

The nurse said, "I see three." And there they all were.

The room immediately got 150 degrees hotter. I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach. A million thoughts went zooming through my head, but the whole time Jeff just held my hand and kissed my forehead and kept saying, "Everything will be fine," over and over and over.

Of course, we were thrilled to be pregnant, but three babies was more than we'd bargained for!

The doctor explained that it was not unusual to lose a triplet in the first trimester, while the others would be fine. He wanted us to know that was a possibility, but he said was not preparing us for that because all the heartbeats were good and strong and the yolk sacs looked great.

We left the doctor's office in a state of shock. We were joking and laughing (what else can you do, but laugh?), but were also a little frightened. I'm sure we looked pretty overwhelmed, too. We were happy, but that was clouded by concerns about potential complications, worries about losing a baby or having babies born too soon or too small.

The day we found out I wrote the following:
"I believe that God never gives us anything we can't handle. With a little time, I know we'll adjust to the news and come to enjoy this great blessing and challenge. But first there's just a little shock to get over."

Nice understatement at the end!

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