Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sharing the News

Once Jeff and I recovered from our initial shock, we starting sharing our news with family. But, we agreed to wait a while before telling the world about the magnitude of this pregnancy since the risks of loss were pretty high. We wanted to get everyone safely through the first trimester before spreading the exciting news.

I did have to give up and tell my colleagues that I was expecting at about 10 weeks, when I started to show. I held off on telling them that there was a little more to the pregnancy than I had originally let on. When I spilled all three beans, boy, did that news travel fast!

It seems that almost everyone has the same reaction: initial shock followed by laughter. The shock -- gasps, hands to the mouth, "Holy smokes!" -- we chuckle at, because it mirrors our own reaction in many ways. And we think people laugh because they are relieved that it's not them!

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Aunt Irene said...

WE are extremely happy for you and Jeff. Can't believe it. Makes me breathless. It is a great blessing for all of us and we are sure you will have an uneventful pregnancy. Can't tell you how thrilled I am. God has blessed you greatly. With love, we will keep you and Jeff and Amelia in our prayers.
Aunt Irene/ Uncle Gene